Relationships and Mortgages

Your lender cannot deny your loan because of your relational status.

They are primarily interested in your financial ability to repay the loan.

Married Couples

Married couples have flexibility when applying for a loan.

The credit scores and income are looked at together but can also be looked at separately.

If one person has a credit score of 780 and the other 620 then 620 will be what is taken into consideration.

Their income can be considered together to qualify for a bigger loan.


Loan officers cannot discriminate because of being divorced.

The mortgage company will want to see the divorce decree. This is to assure their underwriters

of financial encumbrances nothing else. They will look at debt to income ratios and factor in

alimony and child support as a part of the total financial picture.


Being single also cannot be held against you when apply for a loan.

If their is not enough credit or sustained income a co signer may be necessary.

This arrangement can be fraught with complications. The co signer is in direct relation to the loan.

If you get behind in your payment it will affect the co signer also. Which could strain your relationship.

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